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Rejected lately?

Have you ever experienced rejection, or should I say, repeated rejection? Like when you're on the basketball court and that really big guy continually swats your shot away? Ok, maybe that's just with short people like me. What about the girl you finally build up the courage to ask out and then you go for it and put yourself out there and she says no. And not just "no", but an emphatic "Yeah. No.".

Rejection sucks. No matter what type. It seems to just penetrate to the core of us. 

Back when we lived in Singapore, I had worked really hard at attaining “official status” in the country with work and visas. However, when the third rejection came from the government on our visas, we had to find a different solution. The rejection was not only confusing but it hurt. Then there was the time when my kids said, “we don’t need your help Daddy!” This rejection was weirdly both deflating and uplifting. Also, there was our move back to the states where I kept trying to ge…

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