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Reordering our loves

A new season of transition is well on it's way for us little Whetstones, in Boise, Idaho! This has been a good move, but of course not without some craziness. Then again, when is any transition actually easy with kids (big or little)?

We the Church universal (of which I hope all Jesus followers would come to this declaration despite the family of God's clearly massive imperfections and mistakes) have also entered into a new season - Advent. Slowing down this past week has lead me to some deep reflection on the advent of the Christ who came in a dark time and the one who promises to still come today in our dark times as well. So what might that mean for our lives and loves? 

Light and dark collide daily, similar to the dawning of the sun or the setting at dusk. The older I get, the greater I see a reality of wounds and wonders simultaneously coexisting and affecting all of humanity on a daily basis. Just possibly the great Advent invitation to reenter into the anticipatory story …

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