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Lent - Death and... Taxes?

My grandmother (abuelita) just celebrated 100 years of life. I can only begin to imagine all the life she's experienced - so much seen, heard, felt, struggles through, overcome, witnessed fully and more, since 1918. What stories have been told, written, shared and lived over the years. While there have been any characters (and that's a loose term) who have come and gone in her life, there has been one foundational person, even in these later years, whom she consistently recognizes on her journey - even while some have faded from recognition - and that's Jesus. Yet, I wonder, in the midst of clarity, does the inevitable overwhelm her or is it a welcomed finish line?

I guess cliches become cliches because of a hint of truth to them. One such truth, is In life, there are two certainties, death and taxes. I wonder what that says about the person who tries to avoid both in their short existence on this planet? That might just be for another blog? In any case, this just happens …

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